Monday, February 29, 2016

Wee Care Workshop

Step 1 - Cut the basic pattern pieces for the front, back and the sleeves of the 'Wee Care Gown'. Leslye and Mary try to keep up with the demand.

Step 2 -Here members Brenda and Sally do a little quality control to ensure the sleeve size matches the gown size and then take the items to the sewists.

Our 3 seamstress are busy sewing the sleeves to the front and back of the garments. Leda, Marisol and Teresa all look very intent on getting the task at hand done as efficient as possible.

Step 4 - The neckline is then turned down about an inch and pressed in place. Mary O. and Mary M. are enjoying the time chatting as this task is performed.

The Pleating Step - It takes many hands to keep up with the demand of this process. Each pleater has a determined amount of rows for the different size of gown. Debbie, Shirley and Cathy know how many rows are required for each size. Trena is busy 'frogging' and as we all know...'rippit, rippit rippet' is a sound with which all sewist are familiar.

It took 2 tables of pleaters to keep up with the cutting, sewing and pressing tables. Roberta, Susan and Barbara help with the pleating of the gowns.

Show and Share

Susan shared her creations of a dress and matching coat. The dress is Children's Corner pattern Louise, the fabric is from 'Buttons 'n' Bows', the lining is micro check and the collar which is embroidered was made from a pique fabric.
The coat was from our class with Cindy Foose in which we all made the Karen Faylor 'Toddler Coat' pattern. The fabric she used was a fine twill from 'It's Sew Heavenly'. Both are made in a size 4.

This darling skirt was made by Jessica using cute Foxes as it's theme. The pattern was from one of her favorite books, "Love at First Stitch" by Tilly Walnes.

Her friend and sewing partner, Bethany used the same book and made a skirt featuring crayons.

Here is a picture of the book!

Wee Care Workshop (cont.)

Roberta and Ann attended the evening meeting to continue the workshop. The evening group meets at Joanne's fabric store in Sugarland, TX

Here Roberta is demonstrating how to pleat the Wee Care Gowns.

It appears as if the new members are excited about this process. 

Everyone seems to be interested in the rest of the demo for creating Wee Care gowns.

A lot was accomplished between the daytime and evening meetings. Our committee chair has informed us that we donated over 160 gowns to local hospitals last year. Looks as if we are off to a great start for 2016!

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