Friday, December 16, 2016

After hours of pressing the gowns, our kind-hearted, hard-working Wee Care chairladies have gently stuffed all the sleeves and bodices of these gowns with tissue paper in preparation to ship them to the hospitals.

The gowns are then inserted into individual plastic bags to protect them during the shipping process.

A tag is attached to each gown which shares information about our chapter.

Carefully packed and ready to be mailed...

Ann and Susanna would like to THANK all the members of Midnight Oil Smockers!

A total of 116 gowns, 17 bonnets and 2 blankets were sent at this time. Earlier in June, 64 gowns were mailed...bringing the year total to an incredible 180 gowns for the year.


Monday, December 5, 2016

the tables are set...

The guests are arriving...

The food is ready...

Leda and Karen are chatting...

Susanna, Susan and Ann share stories

Everyone is hanging around the kitchen...

someone please just start the line...

Mary checking out the 'sewing needs' gift exchange booty

and now for a little fun...
everyone is pleased with their gift!

A few of the new board members for 2017!

From top to bottom, left to right:
Debbie and Kathleen
Roberta, Karen and Brenda
Denise, Teresa, Susanna and Susan (just above Susanna)
 (bottom left) Joy   (bottom right) Leslye