Monday, October 23, 2017

September 2017 Smocking Challenge

September 2017 Smocking Challenge

One of the fun ways we Midnight Oil Smockers keep our skills sharp is challenges. This fall, a smocking plate, copied in black and white, was given to all our members. The challenge was simply to use the plate anyway we chose. The results were completely different, and all beautiful. 

What makes a challenge challenging? Thinking through how to meet the challenge. 
What makes a challenge fun? Thinking through how to meet the challenge, then acting on it. But also, seeing how incredibly diverse the different garments are.

The plate was Cheryl Lohmann's Sophie, which was published in the March/April, 2001 issue of Creative Needle.

Brenda's garment, in lavender, with a eyelet lace collar. So beautiful!

Joy's dress in black and white microcheck. Joy chose to use only a portion of the plate and make it in a larger size. Perhaps the black and white printout of the plate inspired her? 

A beautiful embroidered collar, which Joy made herself.

Joy made this hem using a Shiseido hemming machine. Simple, but lovely!

Roberta's sweet mint green dress for her granddaughter. Precious!

Exquisite smocking!

This time with the bloomers!

Leslye was the only one who chose not to make a dress. This outfit is adorable!
Leslye's beautiful smocking. Her color choices accent the fabric perfectly.

 Denise's dress is made from Yvonne Denise's Erin/Lindsey, which is no longer in print.

A bright, cheery choice for this challenge!

Isn't seeing the different interpretations a delight? Midnight Oil Smockers always produce beautiful garments that bring a smile to your day!

What's next? Picture smocking. Stay tuned to 2018 to see what these Midnight Oil Smockers can do when presented with a new challenge.