Friday, August 18, 2017

JULY Meeting


Last month's meetings, both day and night, were full of information and fun. Attendance was excellent for both, and the programs were outstanding. There were several Sew & Share garments, some of which are posted below, and others which will be posted next week.


Tawn H presented the day meetings, and not only taught everyone how to do Italian smocking, but also shared several beautiful, sweet Christmas ornaments. The Italian smocking was a little challenging, as it is quite different from English smocking, but it was fun to learn something new.

This beautiful ornament was smocked with Italian smocking. Simply beautiful!

Tawn, showing us her Christmas ornaments. Look for directions in the November issue of SAGANews, as well as this blog.


Stewart W showed us how to make better plackets in garments. She had an ingenious way to show us how to do this without using a machine. She had us use paper instead of fabric, and we folded it to get the desired effect. Very creative and smart!
Stewart, showing us how the perfect placket can be achieved.


Teresa made this cute dress using Cheryl Loehmann's Kimberly pattern. So cute for summertime!

Susan made this adorable summer dress using Children's Corner Jacqueline. So much fun!

Susan also made these boy shortalls. The top one is a Children's Corner Johnny and the bottom one is Maggie's Classics #179. Great work, Susan!

This is Trena's first bishop, and what a great job she did! The pattern is Children's Corner Bishop and the fabric is from Bear Threads.

 To go with the bishop above, Trena made this slip. The pattern is Martha Pullen's Fancy Slip. Precious ensemble!
 See the pompoms attached to the hanger? Trena uses these to put in the bishop sleeves to help the dress keep it's shape. She made them from bathing pompoms you buy in any store that carries bathroom supplies. Ingenious!

Susan made this adorable US flag with Miyuki Delica beads and square stitch. (Sorry for the orientation!) She used  a pattern from Don't you just love it?

Another of Susan's creations. She made this bookmark for her son. It is also made with Miyuki Delica beads, using the Peyote stitch. The pattern can also be found at That would inspire anyone to read!

It's hot in the Houston area right now, so it's a great time to stay inside and smock, smock, smock! Create something lovely today!!