Sunday, August 30, 2015


 The Midnight Oil Smockers gathered for a sewing bee to construct Wee Care gowns for our August monthly meeting. This service project has been a main stay of our chapter for over 30 years.

The first ingredient of a beautiful gown is quality fabric

The next elements needed are experience and expertise. These ladies fulfill these qualification with a combined knowledge of over 100 years of sewing skills and hand work!

Cutting the sleeves, front and back bodices
requires a steady hand.
The next step is to attach lace to sleeves or hemline
on certain gowns.

And now the construction of the gown begins...
Many hands make the workload easier and great fun! This was the first
meeting for this very new member
These 2 new members came prepared with scissors in hand
to trim the seams of the gowns before they
were pressed and ready for pleating. 
This member knows the difference between
ironing and pressing and creates just the
right turn down along the neckline for
the pleating.

The labor intense pleating activity takes
patience and time as well as the ability to
not become frustrated with broken needles.

From the ironing
board to the pleater the process follows
a flow to
make enough
gowns for our
members to smock...

There are still a few more steps to the pleating process so several members bring
their pleaters to move the gowns along the assembly line.

No matter if you are a grandmother or a granddaughter, your sewing gifts and talents are essential for the success of our community service venture to the bereavement programs in local hospitals.

Gathering the finish gowns to mark the size and insert into
individual baggies to keep them nice and neat for the
members to smock...

Cutting the ribbon needed to gather the gowns
at the neckline and hems.

Friday, August 7, 2015


A few more "Kinsey" dresses

Darling embellishment of lace to angel sleeve

The tucks from the bodice were carried down to the hem.

Entries to the RED, WHITE AND BLUE  contest

Ladies, my apologies for not being able to add information or comment on the above garments, however the data slips and the photo numbers did not transfer to my computer accurately.

Some precious Wee Care items

If you look carefully, these tiny gowns are made from mens handkerchiefs. One of members has created a simple Wee Care gown design which she plans to share with our chapter soon.

How about a few more finished outfits from Gail Doane's workshop....

and a little show and share for all to see

Can you see the detail on the sleeve? Lovely...

What a GREAT CREATIVE bunch of ladies
Midnight Oil Smockers
can boast as members!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Catching Up - Part II

The May meeting had a great "Show and Share"

A beautifully smocked night gown with lovely embroidered roses.
You always do exquisite work Barbara.

Another example of fine delicate hand work.


Using a basic square yoke, Roberta created a precious dress with her purchased smocked insert.

Flora from AS&E issue 61...beautiful, Shirley, thanks for sharing.

Nothing says summer like a sundress with strawberries and smocking.

Who is ready for summer fun in the sun? This darling Sundress by  Cheryl Lohmann
would be the perfect outfit to offset the Houston heat.

A touch of hand embroidery and lace add that special touch to this smocked bishop with a front closure.

Blue birds and flowers always go together so sweetly.
Handstitched shadow work creates a precious dress for someone special.

Just a few more Children's Corner "Jane" which displays the creativity of our members.

It is so inspiring to see how many of the members have finished the project from Gail Doane workshop. Those of you still working on your PHD (project half done), be sure to bring them in.