Monday, April 25, 2016

Tawn’s Sewing retreat

Stepping through the opening into Tawn's sewing retreat, you gather it is a well used room. The peaceful view from the casement window overlooking a large backyard where one can watch deer grazing and at most times a lazy river flowing by, invites you to spend many hours enjoying any form of needle art.

Her favorite aspect of her space is the ability to close the sliding doors and leave the mess behind. She also shares that it has tons of natural light from the windows and doors.

Tawn began sewing from a very early age, but believes she became serious about her skills after joining 4-H in middle school. She recalls making most of her own clothes during high school. One of her favorite projects was a red/white/blue shift dress she made herself to wear at an interview with American Airlines to apply as a 'stewardess' in 1970. She got the job!

To the left of the sewing table are the shelves that hold all the plastic bins with manuals and tools for her different machines. Below the shelves is a moveable cutting table with a drop leaf.

This cutting table was built at a height to keep her from needing to bend over to cut out patterns and designs. 

To the right of the sewing table is another set of built in shelves and drawers. The TV sits just under the shelves and when she is sitting in her over stuffed chair to do needle work, she watches her favorite movie 'Pride and Prejudice'.

On the opposite wall from the TV is her favorite place to sit and smock or knit.  She is working on the sweater for the doll raffle.

Moving past the door opening, she has an antiques cabinet that displays some of her stash. Her grand girls love sifting through the fabrics for their next project.

If you refer back to the first picture, you will notice the machines under the sewing table. Two of the machines sit on a small shelf called 'appliance lifts'. The cover stitch machine as well as her serger can be tucked away when not being used and yet brought up to the same level as her sewing table with just the pull of a lever when needed.

Just outside her sewing room she has encroached on the library area and has made a lovely display of antique pleaters and fluters.

Her goal is to share her love of sewing, smocking, knitting with all of her grandchildren. Being a part of the Midnight Oil Smockers has given her the support of many smockers to expand her skills and techniques. Tawn invites anyone to come spend an afternoon stitching with her, she will provide lunch...

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Rockers, Rollers and Hand-cranked... 

What do you know about these items?

Come join the members of Midnight Oil Smockers as the theory: "Metamorphosis: Fluter to Pleater" is shared at the monthly meeting April 18th.