Thursday, April 27, 2017

April Challenge: Peg Pocket Dress

The Peg Pocket Dress Challenge

It began on January 28, 2017 with this pattern

and these people

and all of this fabric.

Trisha Smith came to town and taught the MOS smockers in attendance at Quiltworks how to make her Peg Pocket dress. We had a great time working together under her tutelage.
(On the Friday before (1/27/17), she taught several members using her Poet's Blouse pattern.)

The Peg Pocket Dress fabric kits quickly looked something like this once class got underway:

Once class was over, the challenge was to finish the dress and bring it to the April meeting. 

 Several class attendees met up at Quiltworks later to work on the dress together. Sewing is fun, but it's even better with friends!

These ladies met the challenge and showed up on April 17 with dresses (and Poet's Blouses for some) in hand.

L to R: Debbie, Brenda, Susan, Leda, Denise, Teresa, Leslye, & Trena (not pictured: Lucy, Beth)

Leda showed how she added a sash at the back.

And here are the finished dresses, in different sizes and fabrics! Well done, ladies!!








Leslye's 2nd dress!


 And last, but definitely not least, Beth
Congratulations to all who took up the challenge and completed this adorable dress!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

April POWERS, not showers!

No April Showers for MOS this month.......but we did learn a pretty cool power: how to clean our pleaters!

Cathy T. did a great job of explaining how to clean these machines. Pleaters make smocking an accomplishable task, so everyone in MOS has one (I think). Almost none of us, most who have been smocking for over 20 years, had ever taken our pleater apart and cleaned it. Many of us didn't know you were supposed to do that. (And I promise we're fairly intelligent people!)

That's why Cathy's demonstration was so helpful. It was information about something we all assumed we knew fairly well, but didn't know as much as we thought! While MOS meetings are always fun and informative, this one was surprisingly so. Thanks again, Cathy, for teaching us and answering all of our questions. We now are a clean-pleating group!

Cathy uses trombone slide cream to clean the gears!

April Sew & Share

Cathy T made this beautiful dress for her granddaughter. The pattern is Children's Corner's ( "Julia," and the fabric came from Fabric Finders ( Cathy doesn't remember the name of the smocking plate.
Beautiful work, Cathy!

Leslye made this cute top from Kari Mecca's ( sundress pattern. She used dotted swiss and colorful ribbon to make this like a "pillowcase" blouse that ties in the back. 

Joy made this adorable 12-month-sized baby bubble from Children's Corner "Bobby" using a Ralph Lauren fabric she purchased at Farmhouse Fabrics ( 
The machine applique is from Meow!

Marisol made this sweet day dress out of Swiss Imperial Batiste using Old Fashioned Baby's "Baby Daydress" pattern. She said this was very easy to put together.
The embroidery pattern, which Marisol said is quick to complete, is also included in the pattern. Marisol used silk thread to get the beautiful look above.

What an interesting project!
If you saw this project in the SAGA newsletter, you probably thought, "That is so pretty, but that would take such a LONG time to finish!" Well, apparently not! Marisol says that the project goes together very quickly once all the colors of DMC thread have been collected.
Very impressive!

Roberta's first grandchild, obviously a girl, is definitely one well-dressed young lady! Roberta used Old Fashioned Baby's "Emma" pattern and this beautiful Liberty "Rosa" fabric to make this dress. Roberta used entredeux and lace in place of a collar.
The bloomers are from Grandmother's Hope Chest by Martha Pullen, and she thinks this pattern is the best in terms of fit for a baby.
The smocking plate is "Jennifer" from Australian Smocking & Embroidery magazine.

Roberta also made this sweet ensemble. (I told you her grandbaby was well-dressed, didn't I?)
This is the "Revised Daygown" from Old Fashioned Baby. Roberta used Swiss voile from Bear Threads (
The bodice design and bonnet pattern were from a Jeannie Beaumeister class, and are not included in the pattern. 
The slip and bloomers made to accompany the dress.
The bloomers are also from Grandmother's Hope Chest.
 Stuart made this adorable little dress and bloomers from the "Frannie Baby" pattern.
Don't you just love the embellishment on the bloomers?!

Trena made finished this quilt she began in 2010. Way to go!!

Denise used her stash to get a head start on Christmas with this Log Cabin Christmas Wreath Quilt.

Teresa made this fun faux fur scarf from a kit she bought at Buttons & Bows ( in January 2016.

Coming soon: Trisha Smith's Peg Pocket Dress Challenge!