Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wee Care Workshop and Carol Ahles Class

We have been a busy group of ladies in the months of January and February!!!

Carol Ahles taught a weekend workshop on heirloom techniques.  The ladies finished the bodice of a new nightgown in the class.

Midnight Oil and Carol Ahles with completed bodices for new heirloom nightgowns.
 Our wonderful community service project, Wee Care Gowns, was the focus of the February meeting.  Imagine a roomful of ladies on sewing machines, irons, pleaters, and cutting stations!!!!

Seaming the Wee Care Gowns.

Pleating the Wee Care Gowns.

Pleating, sewing, and talking!

Lots of fun!

Extra Large cutting station for a few ladies to start the process!

Can't wait to see a few new Wee Care Gowns in the future!