Sunday, September 7, 2014

More Summer Show and Share

Fourth of July Table Runner

Big Girls skirt from Gail Doane's class

Backpack pouches with Kids Sewing

Baby booties

More Baby Booties

Monogram straw ht

Christmas AG doll dress

Close up of AG dress

Boy's turtle jumper

Smocked Turtles

Another OFB Toddler Sundress (We love this dress)

Smocked Mary De

Another favorite OFB Toddler Sundress

Back to school with Raggedy Ann

Fourth of July twirl dress

Fabric Finders pique

Machine embroidered collar

Machine Embroidered sleeve cuff

Smocked Bishop

Smocking detail

Toddler smocked dress

Lovely smocking

New CC pattern

CC Isabella 

Machine Embroidered overlay

Square yoke dress

Lovely machine embroidered collar and sleeve cuffs

AG Silk dress

Matching AG doll purse

Frannie for AG doll

Smocking detail

Retro sailor outfit for AG

Eyelet AG dress

First Communion Dress

Smocking details

Slip detail

Back of Communion dress

Sash holder 

On to fall sewing........

Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Show and Share

Wonderful assortment of garments for July Show and Share.  
August is a Wee Care Workshop!!!

Old Fashioned Baby Toddler Sundress

CC Charlotte

Gail Doane's class Jacket and Dress 

Smocked bishop from Gail Doane's class

Embellished jacket

Smocked Coat that started one member on her smocking journey

Smocking details on coat

Heirloom dress

Back to heirloom dress

Slip to dress

CC Kathy Kelley 

Summer dress

Smocked sleeveless square yoke dress in Fabric Finders print 

Smocking detail

Smocked square yoke with ruffle collar

Heirloom dress

Yoke details

Skirt details

Summer smocked dress with ruffle yoke.

Ruffle yoke details.

White heirloom dress

Yoke details

Christening gown

Bonnet details

Hem details

Halloween AG doll dress

Easter AG doll dress

Rain coat and hat for AG doll

Hiking outfit for AG doll

Hiking outfit for AG doll

Cooking apron and hat for AG doll