Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Annual Banquet 

99 baskets of gifts on the table
99 baskets of gifts,
take one down, hand it to the winner…
98 baskets of gifts on the table

Yes, there were a total of 99 raffle baskets!
Here is Linda holding up a basket as the name of the winner is announced. This is the highlight of the annual banquet! 

The winner of the Midnight Oil Smockers basket is...Maureen Hayes!

Four members of Midnight Oil Smockers are delighted with their baskets! Debbie won 3 different baskets, Tawn was excited about her raffle basket, Joy was lucky to win 3 this year and Colleen won a $300 gift certificate! The organization brought in nearly $11,000 at last estimation...THANK YOU to all who donated a basket!!!
One of the most touching ceremonies of the annual banquet is after the new board has been installed, the immediate Past President escorts the out going President to the 'Past President Table' where she is greeted by all past presidents in attendance. Lisa was escorted by MOS member Tawn.

Monday, September 26, 2016

for the first time in many years, the SAGA market was a full day event…just think, all of our favorite shops under one roof. Thanks to the SAGA business liaison Billi P. who worked so hard to make this event a wonderful experience.

As you enter the big ballroom, there are members cruising the vendor tables. Everyone is excited about the opportunity to shop all day long! Here is a picture of the right side of the room...
and then the left side of the room.

Barbara Meger's Classic Creations was there with some great gift ideas for the sewist, looking for something special for a Christmas gift? Be sure to see what she has. http://www.classiccreationssmocking.com

Tess Elwood displayed many sweet projects available for any smocking level. She has some kits from her SAGA smock-along.

 Susie Gay had several different samples of her beautiful silk ribbon reticules as well other project kits. Be sure to check out her website... http://berryhillheirlooms.com

Just drool over all these wonderful laces from Luc who has become a staple at any SAGA event.

As you move around the room, there are booths from many favorite shops, teachers and on-line vendors. I don't think there is a MOS member who is not familiar with Miss Jeannie Baumeister, owner of "The Old Fashioned Baby. 

The Sewing Boutique had some lovely pieces of fabric for anyone to 'pet' before buying...just take a peek here.

This was a new one, but many members had fun looking!

Martha's Heirlooms is another favorite at SAGA events. She has all the basics as well as the new items any needle artist may need.


 Here is just a small sample of the items she had available...

It has been awhile since SAGA members have had the pleasure of shopping with Judith Marquis and Amberlane.


Peanut Butter -n- Jelly had a great response from the members shopping at their booth.


The new young owners of Children's Corner were ever present in their booth. They gave out 'freebies' of a tape measure to anyone who stopped by. It was a delight to meet them in person.

Be sure to visit their website to see what is new. Anyone up for a 'road trip' to Nashville?

Vaune had a very busy booth!

All items laid out so nice and neat until the rush occurred after class.

She was so gracious to display her sweet dress from the newest issue of "Classic Sewing" magazine. The following pictures are of the sleeve and what she did to make it as finished on the inside as the outside.

the right side of the sleeve

the sleeve turned inside out


Here was another new one for a SAGA event...Gilda's Fabrics deals with dolls, so all ribbon, lace and buttons were of the tiniest size. She had just come from a doll convention in Houston.                                           

There were several other vendors, such as Phyllis Brown's 'Heirloom Beginnings', however it was hard to get to her booth due to all the activity. http://www.heirloombeginnings.com

and then my camera ran out of batteries! DARN.

Hope you all can go next year...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

SAGA Convention in Hampton, Virginia

The SAGA convention is ‘under way’ here in Hampton, Virginia and it is another great success!

The baskets are coming in, so far there are over sixty, donated by chapters, businesses, teachers and individual members.

Starting around the 'hospitality room' the tables stretch along all four walls.

It will be hard to just pick a few to place tickets into! May need to purchase more tickets?

Here is the Midnight Oil Smockers basket of ironing supplies...thanks to all who have worked so hard to make it filled with wonderful supplies!

The Wee Care display is beyond words of how the members of this organization supports their service project.

Here are some close ups of just a few sweet gowns.
A sweet example of how vertical smocking can be use.

Is there anything sweeter than lace and smocking?

Simple, yet sweet...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


It seems Miss Nikki has taken up the challenge of sewing enough precious garments for this new grandchild to have a change of outfits for every diaper change! Here she is with the newest 3…
these baby knit gowns are from CC 'Bunny' in newborn size.

This sweet little number is ‘Little Ted’ from the AS&E magazine #81. Nikki used a soft baby wale corduroy and lined it with a light weight blue chambray.

Debbie shared her completed project from the Cindy Foose class featuring the Karen Faylor ‘Coat’ pattern. This gorgeous green pique coat is lined with a bright flower print and trimmed with pink piping. She also made a matching dress for her granddaughter.

Denise was so excited to share her newest idea for simple, yet darling baby gifts. This self-binding baby blanket made with a soft flannel print is easy and fast. Visit Missouri Star Quilt Co. for more information.

You can also go to 'youtube' for several tutorials.




The evening meeting had 2 visitors, one of the guest was kind enough to share 2 garments she has made. This sweet baby gown is from a Jeannie Baumeister pattern made in a satin batiste. Stuart enjoys sewing these garments even though she has no-one in mind to give them to.

Just look at the perfect details…thanks for sharing!

The bishop was a pattern by Chery Williams made from cotton batiste featuring silk ribbon flowers.