Saturday, September 23, 2017

September Meeting and Sew & Share

September Meeting & Sew and Share

As most of the world knows by now, the last few days of August and the first two weeks of September were pretty awful here in the greater Houston, TX area. Anyone who has lived here more than a few years is acquainted with hurricanes, and typically, we're not very scared about them. Every once in a while, though, a big one hits the city dead on, and even if you basically know what to expect, the storm turns things upside down. The aftermath of a hurricane is usually even worse. For those directly impacted through flooding, life immediately becomes overwhelming. Grief sets in, but a million action items need to be tended to. For those more fortunate, life certainly doesn't return to normal very quickly. Power is out, and perhaps water. Roads are inaccessible, and when you can leave your home, most stores and gas stations aren't open, or they have very little to purchase. Life can be summed up in one word: difficult.

But life does go back to normal, or at least a new normal, and that finally began to happen in mid-September. That's why meeting with our smocking friends seemed very important to all of us this month. We needed what we call "stitch therapy." 

Tawn presented a wonderful program on picture smocking. It was a stroke of genius that she decided to make this a forum of ideas from all those present. Tons of tips and tricks were shared, and everyone gained something from this format.

Tawn's panda bears....a work in progress

Notions--from far left--a pin cushion bought on Etsy and made especially for keeping needles sharp, 3 ways to treat your floss so that it lays flat, a needle holder with wool in the bottom to protect the point of the needle, and needles that are best for picture smocking (#8 embroidery and darner, depending on whether you like a shorter needle or a longer one).

A pin cushion with that cute little emery attached. That's to run your needles through so they stay sharp and rust-free.

Joy brought this exquisite dress for Sew & Share. It is made of linen gingham from Children's Corner Louise. The cutwork design is from her website

How cute are these matching garments sewn by Beth? The dress, jacket and reversible pants are made from a Gail Doane pattern that was a part of a class kit. What's not to love?

Leslye brought this cute little bubble. The pattern is Taylor and it is a 3 month size. The attached tag identifies the size and that MiMi sewed it. Love this idea!

Another patriotic garment by Leslye. This is a size 4 Stacia. She made a sleeveless version of the pattern and tied it in the back.

So incredibly beautiful! Yet another dress by Leslye, and this one is even prettier in person. This is Gail Doane's Ava pattern in a size 5. Leslye used skip dent fabric and floche for the smocking.

Debbie has been busy sewing for her grandson. This playsuit and the next 3 are all Johnny's.

How cute is this? Doesn't it just make you smile?

Debbie used the yellow excavator applique from

The perfect sailboat applique is also from
Sweet William certainly is well-dressed thanks to his proud grandmother!

Once again, Roberta's granddaughter is going to be the best dressed baby in town. This precious little sunsuit is Creations by Miche #1322 in pink check pique from heirloom Imports. It is a size 3 months and has swiss eyelet as it's main trim.

This cute ensemble is Children's Corner Carol in floral quilting cotton in a 6 months size. The smocking plate is included in the pattern. The bloomers are Children's Corner Frannie Baby.

I'm not fond of bugs, but you can't help but fall in love with these! The pattern is Chery Williams Basic Bishop Bubble in a micro-check from Spechler-Vogel. The smocking plate is "Ladybugs" from Creative Needle, April, 2008

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Could an ensemble be more precious? It is from Old Fashioned Baby's Baby Rose and is made out of Japanese lawn. French laces add the perfect touch.

You can't help but smile when you see this little fall delight! The pattern is Baby Bishop by Chery Williams and it's made out of a micro-check from Fabric Finders. The smocking plate is Patrick's Pumpkins from the July-August, 2004 issue of Creative Needle.

Fun! Fun! Fun! Leda's Jelly-Roll Jacket was seen in an earlier post when several members made these after a class. Leda decided to order the matching dress pattern, and this is the result. Fun and adorable! Both jacket and dress pattern's are Gail Doane's. The fabric is Ruby Blake's Backyard Roses.

Marisol's granddaughter has finally decided she likes 18" dolls, so Marisol has been busy! All outfits are from Joan Hinds "Sew Contemporary Wardrobe."

Coming soon!
The September smocking plate challenge and the Jane Briscoe class.