Monday, July 23, 2012

July Eye Candy

We had fun meeting in July.  The program helped us to learn counterchange smocking by making a Christmas ornament.  Members brought a huge assortment of Show and Tell items.  
Following are the pictures:

An Easter dress from someone's closet stash.

The pink lining shows through the dress fabric.

Beautiful smocking and embroidery work.

American Girl doll dress for our American Sewing Guild raffle.

Smocked American Girl doll dress for our raffle.

Smocked wrap dress.  Sweet fabric and smocking.

Closeup of the smocking.
Belted back.

Texas Tech quilt.

Surprise quilt done at a local shop.

Boys rompers from Holly/Hunter pattern.

Sassy skirt from Children's Corner

American Girl doll Sassy Skirt.
Cherries all over in this cute romper.

The hat and bow make this outfit so cute.

Another American Girl doll dress for our raffle.  This one was Liberty from AS&E.

Close up of the smocking.

Quilt block!
Next month (August) we will not meet.  Our group is hosting a booth at the American Sewing Guild National Convention in Houston on August 16-19th.  We will teach smocking for free and raffle off Rebecca (American Girl doll) and wardrobe.  Come join us!

Friday, July 13, 2012

June Meeting Hightlights

The follow pictures are from the June meeting.  The meeting lesson was on necklines.

We had some wonderful Show and Shares:

Two infant gowns!

Infant outfit with embroidery

Pillowcase Dress


Diaper Cover

Baby Bib

Friday, July 6, 2012

Natalie's Dress by Olabelhe

A member of our group made this beautiful dress for her great-niece.  She used Natalie's Dress by Olabelhe and Darla fabric from Tanya Whelan's Grand Revival line.

Comments from the seamstress include:
1.  Adding a deep hem allowance, which is not included in the pattern.
2.  Adding a placket to the back skirt.
3.  Using a pleater to gather the fabric for the skirt, instead of had gathering.
4.  Using a detached sash belt with loops on the side.

Beautiful job and one happy girl!