Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sewing Space

Susanna, who has been sewing for more than 25 years shares that she takes as many classes as possible, and hopes to improve her hand sewing skills this year.

As you step into her space and take in the simplicity, neutral colors and clean lines of her space, you naturally want to go home and clean up your own space. All of the furniture is from Ikea.She shares that the best feature of her space is all the natural light from the large windows at each end.

Her model of uncluttered effortless decor keeps the straightforward reason for the space…SEWING!

Even the drawers in the Ikea center cutting area are well maintained for easier finding of items needed.

Susanna has a system from the many years of sewing that helps her to keep all of her fabrics organized and orderly.

The sewing station is perfectly situated near a large southwest facing window. In the picture is her favorite type of machine for sewing...a wonderful Bernina. She believes she get the best of stitches for heirloom sewing and the buttonholes come out beautifully. She prefers not to tote this machine to classes or workshop, so the little light weight Passport 2.0 is her sewing machine of choice for those events.

Just to the left of the sewing machines is a very comfortable chair which is also from Ikea where she enjoys doing handwork. She also uses the time on road trips to do hand stitching

Susanna sews her own ironing board covers and this one is darling! Wish I had taken a close up. She loves to use sewing related fabric and she uses the previous cover to make her own pattern.

The closet located on the far end of the room is very organized and kept clutter free with tools intended for this purpose. Here she can find all of her rulers, extra light source, ironing equipment and unfinished projects. Susanna thinks she suffers from PCAD (project completion attention deficit). Her favorite tool is a 'good' seam ripper...she believes she would not sew as much if unable to have it by her side. Lately with all the cute garments she has been sewing, she believes that the piping ruler and Roxann's glue come in a close second.

Susanna enjoys sewing Wee Care for her chapter, but at the moment is deciding on what to do for the ‘Pretty in Pink’ challenge.

This dress form was purchased in England and features the ability to expand or contract several inches in order for her have a better fit for whatever dress project she may be working on

She shares that her favorite aspect of being a part of the Midnight Oil Smockers is the fact that all the like minded members understand the NEED to stash fabric!

Susanna is quite content with days spent creating darling garments in her special space.

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  1. I love this space! I was wondering how large this sewing room is... I hope to be using it as inspiration for my 11x13 dedicated sewing room. Thanks for sharing.