Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Meeting

January Program

The January Meeting was another successful "Tabletop Techniques" presented by our very talented members Leslye, Susan, Susanna, Ann and Teresa.

Teresa shared her technique of attaching lace to fabric. She used a foot with a very wide toe opening in order for the fabric to make a tiny roll over the lace as it was being applied.

very nice work Teresa!

Several members took this opportunity to share their techniques with each other.

Susanna and Ann shared tips on how to ensure that the inside of all Wee Care Gowns were as lovely as the outside. There are many variation of gowns, but all should be constructed with love and care. Remember, Midnight Oil Smockers will be hosting a Wee Care Workshop in February.

More sharing of ideas between members. Yes, we are a chatty chapter.

Susan discussed how she makes perfect 'Peter Pan Collars' for any dress.

She uses a block technique that she learned from the 'SouthernMatriarch'southernmatriarch.blogspot.com

Needle cases and perfect corner points were discussed by Leslye.

Here she demonstrates how she used a Vera Bradley checkbook cover to convert into a needle case. She used a heavy interfacing to make labels and write the type and size of needles on that page.

To solve the problem of uneven center pages used as the needle holders was to not cut the wool felt all the same size.

If the felt pages are cut in different widths, the wider page at the bottom (about 1/4 inch difference) then once closed, all pages will appear even. This also makes it easier to open the individual sections when the needle case is open.

For perfect 90 degree corners, Leslye suggested several techniques. Her favorite is to use a needle and quilting thread to pull the corner to the right side of the fabric. Just look at that perfect corner.

When sewing right sides together, stop and sew the last few stitches of the corner much closer together. Clip the corner as usual, insert a needle with quilting thread that is knotted into the corner of the fabric between the stitches, ensuring you do not catch any fabric.

Now pull the needle and thread through between the layers of fabric, turn right side out and give one last good tug. The knot should not pull through, but will bring the corner out.

Perfect every time!

Show and Share

I know Christmas is over, but it is still fun to see what members have done, regardless of the season. This darling bishop smocked and constructed by Leslye from cotton sateen features 'Silent Mice'. She made a few adjustments to the sleeve of the pattern by Children's Corner.

here is a close up of the smocking...perfection!

Roberta always shares her talents with something precious. This size 2 lavender print dress with a micro check collar and band is the perfect little Sunday apparel. She used a pattern from AS&E issue #50 known as Evangeline. The smocking design was also used from that garment.

Marisol had fun creating this darling number from featherwale corduroy fabric full of hearts. She used 'Lucy' a Children's Corner pattern. She shares that it was very EASY!

Marisol was quite busy this month and shared an 18 month batiste jumper with green madeira hem. She says this was her first attempt at madeira...great job! She hand embroidered the design. She used a pattern from Jeannie Baumeister's Old Fashion Baby. You can visit her at www.oldfashionedbaby.com

Cathy shares some dress from the past. This pink seersucker/pique is a sundress from Cheryl Lohman's patterns featured in Creative Needle.

This cute 'Maggie' pattern from Children's Corner was created using an already made eyelet collar. The smocking design was featured in an old Creative Needle magazine.

Joy shared her finished project from a class given by Cindy Foose at the 'Sewing at the Beach' retreat. The pattern is 'Cissy' from a new pattern line "A Wink and a Nod" that will be available soon through Farmhouse Fabrics. The class project was sewn with a soft lime green checked seersucker.

Please note that doll garments were not yet photographed...the doll clothes will be featured on the blog once pictures of everything is taken.

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