Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tip of the Day

Tip from Trisha Smith 

Trisha Smith of Trisha's Treasures was one of the instructors at the Valley Forge Retreat. She shared many tips and techniques during that class. 

As you can see, Trisha is about to snip at an angle, a quarter to half an inch from two of the salvage edges of her fabric. She does this before she washes her new fabric in preparation to make a garment. Doing this little trick this will help to prevent the fabric from unraveling during the wash cycle and keep all those single threads from bunching up and twisting around your fabric. Also, if you don't get around to using this fabric, but fold it and add to your stash, when you go back to it, the triangle shape at the salvage edge will remind you that the fabric has already been washed.

You may visit her Facebook page 
Patterns by Trisha's Treasures

This darling "Pleated Bodice Dress" was taught at the retreat.

Image from Trisha's Facebook.

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