Saturday, October 24, 2015

October Program


Table 1 - Ribbon Rosettes with Leslye.

Leslye demonstrating how to weave the thread up and down the width and length of the ribbon.

This group of ladies were having fun learning this technique

After tying the knots for this particular rosette, Leslye showed how to gather the ribbon with a strand of thread.

Table 2 - Bullion Buttons by Barbara

Barbara shared that either a 2 hole or 4 hole button could be used to stitch bullion roses for a lovely effect.

There is a real knack at winding the thread around the needle once it is inserted through the button hole!

Barbara sharing some thoughts with Jackie.

Table 3 - Counter Change Smocking from Joanne.

Joanne provided several reference books and examples of this lovely and unique fabric manipulation. These tulips were stitched using this method on a striped fabric.

Table 4 - Scalloped Edging created by Joy

Joy explaining how she came up with this simple trim and how it can be used in so many ways.

A few examples of how this precious edging can be used for the special effect.

How about on an angel sleeve or around a collar?

Along a scalloped hem?

What a lovely effect on the sleeve and hem of this Wee Care gown.

Here is a darling dress with the scalloped edging used around the neckline, down the bodice center, along the edge of the sleeve and again as a hemline. WOW, just precious!

All 4 talented members provided information and techniques to creatively embellish any garment.

THANKS LADIES for your time and effort to make this program wonderful! A special thanks goes to Marisol as our program director and to the board.

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