Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gail Doane Workshop
Gail's sample; our goal

The Midnight Oil Smockers hosted Gail Doane for a workshop featuring her fabulous ‘Jelly Roll Jacket’. The kit comes in multiple fabric choices and each member had a difficult time making up their minds.

First things first...all kits were handed out and each member began the process of cutting out the pattern pieces for their specific size.

Once that was completed, the batting needed to be cut into blocks to fit the front, back, sleeves, and yoke of the jacket. 

Now the ever daunting task of selecting the sequence of fabric strips to be sewn together for all of the various sections of the jacket. Gail discusses with Colleen some tips on the best method to begin the process.

As you can see, Leslye and Susan are pondering their selections, however Nikki appears to be quite delighted with hers.

After a quick break for lunch, the sewist set up their machines and get started...

Here is Ann sewing the selected strips to the blocks of batting which essentially 'quilts' the fabric in preparation for cutting out the front, back, sleeves and yoke pieces of the jacket.

Throughout the activity, Gail is called upon for her expertise. Here she helps Joanne decide strips for the jacket back while comparing what she has already placed on the front.

Above and below are some examples of how these strips of fabric come together to create a beautiful 'one of a kind' garment.

Gail frequently gathered the members together while she shared tips and techniques to get the best construction results for the jacket. She had several examples of each step of the process which she shared with us as we continue in our tasks.

As you can see from these pictures of the table tops, sewists are not necessarily tidy while sewing...

but there is always a method to our madness.

Look, there is still smiles on everyone's face even after 2 days of sewing. 

We are all on a different step in the process, but we all have the same goal; a completed jacket. Looking forward to seeing them!

As mentioned above, Gail always shares her tips and techniques with the class. Today's special 'favorite find' for a new sewing tool was the Fiskars folding ruler.

Here is a youtube that discusses this tool.

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