Monday, October 31, 2016

Member’s Pursuits

The members of Midnight Oil Smockers take to heart the tag line of our national organization...
It's not just smocking! Heirloom Sewing & Quilting, Embroidery, Silk Ribbon, Drawn Thread, Appliqué, Doll Dressing, and more!

Just this past weekend two of the members attended a weekend workshop at 'The Quilt Room' located in Huffman, TX.

Here is Julie holding up a finished 'Tool Tote' example of the class presented by Barbara Hupy. The one she is furiously sewing on is placed the table by her machine. 

Leda, who also attended, was working hard on finishing up her project. Doesn't some of her fabric look familiar?

We all look forward to seeing these finished totes at the next MOS meeting for 'Show and Share'.

For more information about 'The Quilt Room', visit their website:

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