Friday, August 26, 2016

Sew Along
Dainty Diaper Set

The members enjoyed a day of sewing together as they completed a UFO from a class with Debbie Glenn held several years ago. 

About 15 members attended this event and were treated to a day of fun. We so appreciate 'Quilt Works Shop'
who allow us to use one or more of their classrooms. 

Here Leslye is sharing information with Julie, Karen, Barbara and Joy about how to do the precious scalloped edge along the hem and the shell stitch around the neckline and armhole curve.

Everyone loved the technique that Leslye shared on how she prefers to do French seams.

Leslye also shared directions on getting those tiny tucks just where you want them and not have a thread tail at the base of the tuck.

While many members were sewing away in the classroom, Trena was in the main room of the shop, selling raffle tickets for the chapter fund raiser.

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