Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August Wee Care Workshop

The Midnight Oil Smockers’ members gather semi-annually to construct Wee Care Gowns in an assembly line type of structure. The co-chairs, Susanna and Ann, meet prior to the workshop and prepare several gowns in various stages of construction in order for all members to be able to immediately get hands-on with the task at hand. 

The first step is the cutting station. Here Leslye and Karen are cutting the gown front, back and sleeves.

The cut fabric is then handed over to the sewing station where Leda, Nikki and Marisol begin the process of seaming them together. After the sleeves have been inset, a member at the pressing station will press in a small hem at the neckline and pass the garment to those who are pleating. Here Trena, carefully pleats 1/2 space rows in each gown.

Each gown is placed in a bag, ribbon for the neckline and the hem are included with each gown along with the memo regarding the size of the gown. They are now ready for any member to take home and smock.

The workshops are a great opportunity for members to gather, find time to chat and still be productive. According to our chairman, we now have 50 completed gowns ready for smocking!

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