Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our Own Busy Member

Joy, one of our many talented members here at Midnight Oil Smockers in Houston, TX has been 'Team Teaching' with Cindy Foose at Farmhouse Fabrics. These two ladies are a perfect combination of artistry, expertise and techniques.

Joy, on the right, has a phenomenal aptitude for embroidery. You can visit her website 

Cindy Foose, has been traveling and teaching since 1987. She has recently been hosted by the Midnight Oil Chapter. You can read more about Cindy and her life by visiting the SAGA blog, posting of September 4, 2015. One of her newest ventures has been 'A Wink and a Nod' patterns

Joy and Cindy obviously had a few minutes between the two classes they were teaching together and enjoyed the time by sharing information just between the two of them.

Isn't it fun to just sit and watch your machine do 'all' the work?

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  1. Two very talented and fun ladies. The class must be great.