Saturday, July 16, 2016

On the road again

Nikki’s First Visit
It’s Sew Heavenly

Nikki has a grandson due Christmas Eve and she is anxious to start smocking and sewing for him. She has asked any member or smocker to suggest patterns for her as she has never smocked for a boy. The smocking/heirloom shop 'It's Sew Heavenly' was having a wonderful sale so she and a few other members took a road trip to Youngsville, LA.

As you drive through the brick pillars standing on either side of the lane leading to this picturesque and charming shop, you are aware that this is a unique place. Here is Nikki (center) on the front steps of the shop with her traveling partners.

It didn't take long to start a stack (mountain in some cases) of fabric, lace, buttons, and patterns  as there are countless samples of ideas on every wall, atop each shelf and hanging from bolts of fabric for the needle artist to breathe into her soul.

Nikki was the biggest saver, among her travel buddies, due to the huge discount given during the sale. Can you see both of her pink bags simply bulging with her boundless inspirations and countless images of little precious garments?

After nearly 4 hours of touching fabrics, searching through pattern books, choosing buttons, considering other embellishments, chatting and sharing of ideas, Nikki took a moment to sit outside in a rocking chair (most likely practicing for her role as Grandmother to the newest addition to her family) and relax.

She already has plans to return this fall.

For more information about 'It's Sew Heavenly' visit their website:

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