Friday, May 19, 2017

May Meeting: Sock It To Me, Baby!!


Remember the television show "Laugh In"? If so, you're a Baby Boomer or perhaps older (or you found it on Netflix). If not, think "Saturday Night Live" with a lot more skits (and not quite as funny), but still somewhat controversial. "Sock it to me, baby!" was one of the sayings used frequently. How in the world does that apply to the May meeting of the Midnight Oil Smockers? It doesn't, but BABY SOCKS do!

This month, Karen M. shared how to smock on baby socks. This was in a 1994 issue of Sew Beautiful, and is surprisingly easy. Karen got everyone started, and then a lot of laughter ensued while members explored this new smocking technique and visited with one another.

At the night meeting, Cathy T. shared information on how to clean a pleater, which she also shared during the day meeting in April. Cathy has a wealth of info, and everyone learned helpful hints from her. This author cleaned her pleater after Cathy's demonstration, and found that it wasn't as scary as imagined. Fortunately the pleater wasn't as dirty as imagined either, but it does pleat nicer now. Thanks again, Cathy, for helping us keep our pleaters clean and tidy!

Clothesline Bowls! Check the June newsletter for details.

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