Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Annual Banquet 

99 baskets of gifts on the table
99 baskets of gifts,
take one down, hand it to the winner…
98 baskets of gifts on the table

Yes, there were a total of 99 raffle baskets!
Here is Linda holding up a basket as the name of the winner is announced. This is the highlight of the annual banquet! 

The winner of the Midnight Oil Smockers basket is...Maureen Hayes!

Four members of Midnight Oil Smockers are delighted with their baskets! Debbie won 3 different baskets, Tawn was excited about her raffle basket, Joy was lucky to win 3 this year and Colleen won a $300 gift certificate! The organization brought in nearly $11,000 at last estimation...THANK YOU to all who donated a basket!!!
One of the most touching ceremonies of the annual banquet is after the new board has been installed, the immediate Past President escorts the out going President to the 'Past President Table' where she is greeted by all past presidents in attendance. Lisa was escorted by MOS member Tawn.

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