Friday, January 1, 2016

Proper Pressing


Received my latest issue of "threads" magazine the other day and there was an article about 'Better Pressing' by Ann Steeves that was quite interesting. The magazine is available online and in stores.

The article indicated 4 levels of equipment needed for quality results in creating hand-made garments verses the home-made look.

Level 1 - The Basics:

Iron: We all have our favorite brand, the magazine article recommends that any basic model with steam should be effective.

Ironing Board: Ms. Steeves advocates choosing an ironing board with a tapered end and using a cotton cover vs. a teflon cover.

Pressing Ham:The definition of this item...

A tailor's ham or dressmaker's ham is a tightly stuffed pillow used as a curved mold when pressing curved areas of clothing, such as darts, sleeves, cuffs, collars, or waistlines. Pressing on a curved form allows a garment better to fit body contours.

There is an excellent youtube video showing how to use a pressing ham.

The article did seem to imply that a 'Pressing Ham', which is a basic tool in the shape of a ham was different from a 'Tailor's Ham' which have various curves more like the human body curves.

Pressing Cloth:The author of this article recommends having several pressing cloths available at your pressing station and she makes hers from white silk organza.

If you are interested in making your own pressing cloth, here are just a couple of the sites I found using 'google'.

The article goes on into 'Level 2: Tools for an Improved Finish', 'Level 3: Advanced and Specialty Aids', and 'Level 4: Luxury Items'.

Once again, the Midnight Oil Smockers chapter (or it's members) does not endorse any product or business, we simply share sewing information and give credit for those resources.

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