Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Midnight Oil Members provided a variety of items for
Show and Share

Using hardanger fabric (28 count) Barbara hand stitched with perle cotton #8 this beautiful Bible cover. The Bible place marker was made with hardanger and stitched with perle cotton # 12 and 8. The wedding handkerchief was made for a daughter's wedding.

The needle lace was done by hand and is stitched all the way around the hanky.

Susan cross stitched this lovely picture for someone special.

The smocking insert was purchased from Flutterby and then used to create this precious dress. The pattern for the dress was from AS&E issue 85.

The red gingham was the perfect choice of fabric for the dress.

This cotton fabric was purchased from Joanne's Fabric store. A Children's Corner pattern, Adelaide produced this precious dress, made special by adding simple embroidery to the collar and sleeves. 

The collar for this  linen outfit was made by Marisol's grandmother. She used a pattern from "Old Fashioned Baby" to keep in harmony with the heirloom feel of the collar.

She hand stitched the 'feather stitch' around the sleeve.

What a beautiful quilt Susan made, if I recall correctly, this is only her second quilt...

This darling "Old Fashion Baby" pattern, a Baby's Layette was smocked and constructed by Ann. Such a sweet fabric.

Who's already doing Christmas? Brenda is using her time wisely and planning ahead with her stitching time. This is just too CUTE!

Is there a little girl out there who wouldn't want to receive this fairy doll for her birthday? I think this grandmother has set the benchmark for us all. She shares that it was GREAT FUN to make!

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