Wednesday, June 17, 2015


One of the fun outcomes of attending a sewing workshop is the opportunity to learn from each other. Midnight Oil Smockers are blessed to have many talented and skilled members who share generously their tips and ideas. One member choose not to use the typical treatment of lace or piping on the angel wing sleeve of her dress. She created a darling edging using the same fabric as her dress and has shared how it was constructed...

Using the fabric of the dress, cut a 1 inch bias the length of the angel sleeve

Press the bias in half firmly without stretching the fabric.

Using the blind hem stitch on your machine, you will sew down the length of the bias and ensure that zig-zag stitch sews over the folded edge. These are the settings from her machine. 

This stitch will create small scallops along the folded edge.

Sew the scalloped edge bias onto the angel wing sleeve as you would piping.

The completed look is dainty and the perfect trimming.

The finished garment!

Some of the other tips shared by members:

When using twin needles to create the tucks, thread the right needle of the twin needles with the thread from the spool that is on the main thread holder. - Gail Doane

Use a wash away tape to position the bodice on the smocked inset, some product such as 'Wash Away Wonder Tape' that is double sided. - Roberta

To make piping, the button hole foot is an excellent tool. - Kathleen

For better points on collars and sashes, try the method described on the blog 

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