Sunday, May 18, 2014

OFB Toddler Summer Dress Sew Along

So, what do you get when you add 12 ladies ready to sew (pattern traced and fabric prewashed)?
Add two days of no cooking!
Add a little help from each other!
Add a little blue and a little pink!
Add a little tuck here and there!

Check out the last picture to see what we made!
Ready to go!

Folding skirt tucks

Sewing bodice tucks

Ironing hem tucks

Add a little blue to the Swiss edging

Carefully mark those tucks

Bodice tucks and bodice front

Swiss edging to skirt hem

Matching seams

Gathering skirt 


Bodice tucks

Seam ripping (the dreaded unsewing)

Adding color to the front trim

A quick embroidery lesson

Brush up on bullion roses

Our GOAL (The back view)

Multiple successes!!!!
Thanks to Quilt Works for the use of their room.

Thanks to all the members who made this a wonderful success!

Thanks to Jeannie Baumeister and her wonderful Toddler Summer Dress Pattern.

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