Sunday, August 18, 2013

July Show and Share

Oh, my!  A whole month has flown by us!  I hope all our members are finished with their convention favors!  I have been very busy with them.

Sara's Skort by Children's Corner with twill fabric by Fabric Finders.

Holly Hunter by Bonnie Blue with seersucker by Fabric Finders

Robin's Little Jacket by Children's Corner

Back view of Robin's Little Jacket

Children's Corner Frannie with added detailing down the front.

back view of Jennie Leigh by Children's Corner

Jenny Leigh by Children's Corner

Frannie by Lyn Weeks

Embroidered t-shirt for a special girl starting school.

Kindergarten t-shirt

Loving Kindergarten t-shirt

Kindergarten Rocks t-shirt

Malina by Bonnie Blue

back view of Malina by Bonnie Blue

Birthday Party dress by Oliver+S

Bishop from 19 years ago by a new member.

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