Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blow your socks off, June Show and Share!!!

Collection of "Frannies" from Lyn Weeks Workshop

"Frannie"  from Lyn Weeks

"Frannie" from Lyn Weeks

"Frannie" from Lyn Weeks

Fairy skirt with petals

3rd Birthday smocked dress

STUNNING copy of another dress

Yes, those are pin tucks!  Many of them!

Baby bishop from AS&E

Smocking from baby bishop

Baby bishop from AS&E

Close-up of smocking a front placket

Crochet edged bib 

Floral bishop

Fruits and Veggies top and capri pants

Machine appliqued fruit and veggies

Oliver+S Swing set top and skirt

Palm tree embroidery design

Oliver+S Birthday Party dress

Placket details from Oliver+S Birthday party dress

Pink floral bishop

Children's Corner bishop and AS&E Smocking plate "Cherry Surprise"

Children's Corner Taylor

Bonnie Blue Lizzie

"Frannie"  from Lyn Weeks
Wow!  Our members have been very busy!


  1. Hi I am looking for the Frannie dress pattern by Lyn Weeks.

    I am hoping you can help or point me in the right direction.

    I would like to find the Frannie girls dress pattern.

    So far I have found pictures for it on line but no luck finding out where i can get one.

    So I am asking you as a blogger who smocks and sews if you could help me!

    I love all the inspiring pictures here of Frannie dresses! I so much want to make some myself!