Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fun with Frannie and Lyn Weeks

Midnight Oil Smockers hosted Lyn Weeks for a 2 day class on the construction of Frannie.  Frannie was designed by Lyn.  She gave us two days of pointers to make our dresses look lovely.

Lyn showing us how to pleat only the middle of a garment.

SAGA President-Elect, Tawn working on a dress for her granddaughter.

Smocking Frannie.

A full class of 20 members and Lyn Weeks.

Cutting our the bodice of Frannie.

Lyn showing us a few machine tips.

We had a wonderful weekend of sewing!

Don't forget the last gift card will be drawn from those that finish Frannie by the June meeting.  

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  1. Oh, so wish I could have made it work to be there. Looks like so much fun!!