Thursday, April 19, 2012

Picture Show and Share

An important element in our meetings is Show and Share.  We bring our completed projects and show them off and talk about them.  Sometimes it encourages us to see an old pattern in a new way or experiment with fabric that we might not have used before.  Sometimes we must part with our beloved creations before a meeting, so we only have a picture.  Here are a few "Picture Show and Shares."

The dress is called "Pretty Poppet" from AS&E Issue #81. The smocking plate is from the pattern.  The only real change made was changing the scalloped neck and back to straight because the scallops just didn't come out correctly.

Below is a dress from Michie, pattern #104.  It is made from Imperial Broadcloth and smocked with "Pint Sized Posies" by Cross Eyed Cricket.  Our member writes about her changes:

1.  Fullness was added to the front skirt because I thought that the fullness called for by the pattern was not enough.  The pattern called for 36" for the fullness and I increased it to the full 45" width.  I thought that the pleats were not close enough with the 36".  

2.  For the sleeves I trimmed the eyelet down to about 1&1/4 yard and attached as if it was an edging.  The original width of the eyelet was about 6 inches and it was perfect for the overlay. 

 The dress is a 12 month size.

Beautiful work ladies!

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