Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pattern Review for Old Fashioned Baby-Baby Rose Raglan Dress

One of our members finished these dresses and added a few details for sharing.

I used The Old Fashioned Baby --- Baby Rose Raglan Dresses, view 1.
The dresses were size infant and my girls are 12-13 # and they fit perfectly.
I followed Jeannie's directions, making adjustments to the stitch length and width for the laces I used and for my machine.  I did a sample of the lace zig-zag and then the pinstitch before actually working on the dresses.  Also, when joining the laces for the hem, I used super solvy and then used fabri-solvy for doing the pinstitch.  This was a tip from my friend Jane Briscoe. 

There is an excellent article in Sew Beautiful, #81, p 50 that explains Jeannie's Old-Fashioned Entredeaux.  This is an option in the pattern, but the article does a better job of explaining the technique.

It was time intensive, (maybe because I was making two!!) but fairly easy to put together, if you are familiar with heirloom sewing techniques.

I must admit my granddaughters looked so sweet in their 3 month portrait dresses.   Now on to planning their 6 month dresses!!!


  1. I am fully impressed with such dresses as they are fully comfortable and has perfect color combination which will be very good for children.
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  2. Oh, my goodness! These are truly precious! How beautiful the girls must look in these dresses. Wonderful job and thanks for the tips.