Friday, February 24, 2012

How many ways can you smock?

We had a busy meeting in February.  February is National Smocking Month, so we found out how many ways there are to smock.  I was stunned to know that there are 19 named ways to smock!

We made samples of many new techniques and enjoyed pictures of all the techniques.

Here is the smocking list one of our members put together for us:

1.  Backsmocking or Reverse Smocking
2.  Background Smocking
3.  Bargello Smocking (top left photo above)
4.  Bulgarian Smocking (sample below)

5.  Canadian Smocking
6.  Continental Smocking
7.  Counterchange Smocking (sample below)

8.  Crossover Smocking or Layered Smocking
9.  Diagonal Smocking
10.  Direct or French Smocking
11.  English Smocking
12.  Freeform/Random/Contemporary Smocking
13.  Italian Smocking (Sample below)

14.  Jigsaw Smocking
15.  North American Smocking
16.  Picture Smocking 
17.  Plaid or Tartan Smocking
18.  Template Smocking
19.  Vertical Smocking

How many smocking techniques do you know?  Come join us and learn some fun things.  

March is the time we work on Wee Care Gowns for local hospitals.  Hope to see you there!


  1. This was so much fun! Hope I can remember everything!

  2. This was a tremendous amount of information and presented so wonderfully! Thank you, Tawn, for your research and samples, and notes, and pictures and ... you get the picture - it was a great class!

  3. Hello im from Sydney Australia and there is nothing at all in the way of smocking where I live. I really would like to learn the Italian smocking as your sample is beautiful, if you have any information you could pass on i would so appreciate it. My email is