Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tip from Ann

Beautiful Puffed Sleeves

Ann did this darling dress and shared her tips on how to get perfect full puffed sleeves.

First she hand washes the dress.

Then she inserts shower scrunchies/puffs/loofahs (whatever you may call them)into the sleeves while the dress dries.

Finally she spritzes the sleeves with a bit of water and spray starch. Using her blow dryer she places the nozzle of the blow dryer just inside the cuff to the sleeve so it is blowing air inside to puff the sleeve out.

Just look at the wonderful results she gets...

once again, Ann was inspired from a dress created by Sara Crabtree Norris on FaceBook. You may visit Sara by going to  www.saranorrisltd.com

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